The Weavers Su Trobasciu

Eight out of fifteen members who work handlooms horizontal.

The Cooperative On Trobasciu Textiles was founded in 1978 as a company of the women, engaged in the Pilot Center ISLAND weaving in Mogo. Career depth accompany the work of the artisan, now seven, who does not proceed more exclusively on the basis of the teachings of the maternal or custom home, but relies on the support of a broader recovery and cultured tradition.

At the base of the study and research that brings together, compare and choose the best of each custom home, each handmade, each technical secret. In this way we continue working to generate particularly valuable and difficult to perform, while encouraging the development of individual quality, allowing an art more thin, clear and articulate.

The center is also very active in the promotion and teaching, regional point of reference for the texture quality.

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